Game setting:

1:exclusive Engraving System, General Equipment, Point Of Volume Equipment, Armor, Weapons, Jewelry Can Be Engraved.
2:refining System, According To The Percentage Of Equipment To Improve The Property, The Synthesis System, The Decomposition Of The City At Room To View.
3:equipment Synthesis System, L-level Is Not The End, Grow Beyond Your Imagination, Synthesis Can Be Deformed.
4:Really Do 1000e Damage, Break The Restrictions, There Is No False Restrictions.
5:Synchronized National Dress Ui, New Year New Weather, It Is Necessary To Look New, Open All New Old Lair.
6:special Businessman Pania Increase Can Be Synthesized To Upgrade The Deformation Of The Clothing Weapons And Three-piece Suit.
7:Unique Silver, Gold, Diamond Vip Exclusive Buff, Exclusive Title, All Free Access, Small Difficulty (attribute Bt).
8:Open National Dress All New Old Lair, Intelligent Ai, Original Chaos, All Kinds Of Super Nest.
9:on The Line 93, The Perfect Burst Rate, Welfare, Brush Map Party, Pk.
10:please Check Out Our Novice Tutorial.