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      Please note: Our only address is: http: //index.dragonnest.me The only facebook is: https: //www.facebook.com/Dragonnestme/ (Other are false, please note)
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      The server is already up.   05/29/17

       The server is already up.
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      For those that are not able to connect to the server and are new to it. Please type to use VPN ( Virtual Private Network) like WTFAST. it will allow you to use different ip address. the server is located at france so make sure go connect to it

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      318 ~ 319 patch.   08/09/17

      318 ~ 319 patch.,This is a separate download package that you need to extract in your client directory, start the launcher and will automatically update in the game. Thank you. https://mega.nz/#!ycJizCjS!tWG_iROHRyjo6AFPF4_5P9rqg9LOiNTrWAFplmyqSHg  


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  1. Hi, you can ask information on discord thank you
  2. You cannot farm the accesory exactly. but you can farm the materials for it, rune dragon nest for example
  3. I believe that would be GMT+ 8
  4. A. GameMaster is a bit hard to give on players. we have experience Abuses from before, a LOT actually. This kind of job that you're saying that will "help" players whenever they are asking is already given on the discord channels. if it is in-game, it is better to give someone titled as Moderator, GameMaster is only given to Administrators or people who the owner of the server trust. B. That would be nice, i was giving events before, but sadly i am quite busy and i am already half-quitted on DNME due to other servers responsibility, you could ask the Administrator on discord for that one. but the R7 thingy is impossible. making one through materials is hard, also those are things that we only sell on webmall (http://index.dragonnest.me/mall/) C. Most of the players here are PVE type, and from the last time i heard, PVP is a bit buggy. better wait for the fix. or tell this bug repeatedly on Administrator on Discord so he will take notice of it and forward it to the team. and for the rest of the suggestion , 1. There is already exclusive titles for donators which they can buy on Webmall (WhiteBeard) and others. 2. Giving too much is never good for the server. We are already giving donators donated items which others players will take years to get by farming. it is the way how we say thanks for supporting the server. For puchase, please contact Dragonnestmeme@gmail.com or contact Administrator on Discord. Visit webmall for information. Thanks
  5. Visit our webmall, there are materials and items there that has %50 off discount. Check it! The sale is only available for 1 Week/ 7 days
  6. technically, it's just invisible because of the MODS you put on your DNME files. just redownload the game. it will come back. stop modding the game already
  7. If you lost your items or gears, its because you have modded your game before patching the game. Please make sure that you do not mod the DNME files because our files are unique. It will only cause you problems. Do not try to exploit the game, it will only cause your files some serious issue To fix this: Redownload the game and do not put MODS on it.
  8. Yes. there are nest that is a balanced one. so the other players that are starting of want a thrill for old school DN can play this nest. there is a guide that tells you what are the nest which is balanced. also most of that nest can give decent drops. i'm sorry for the late response.
  9. yes there will be a timed event. we're going to bring it back soon.
  10. most of the skills here are revamp. i suggest try cleric and archer classes. they're the most op class here. what you want to aim here is a burst damage. because once you reach the peak of your damage, a burst will be the best.
  11. can you please tell me your ISP and you may want to check the connection. try to use vpn just in case. if the error still occurs then try to redownload the game. but at least try it right now tell me if its still happening. Thanks
  12. remove v-sync. it greatly gives you high framte rates. so i suggest you remove it. also play on low resolution.
  13. can you post your laptop specs here? lower resolition and setting everything to low is the best. we do not release mods here. if you want you can browse mods that can greatly decrease your framerates
  14. it has been raised. wait we're going to modify the link
  15. try to download the artificial patch.