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      Please note   05/11/17

      Please note: Our only address is: http: //index.dragonnest.me The only facebook is: https: //www.facebook.com/Dragonnestme/ (Other are false, please note)
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      The server is already up.   05/29/17

       The server is already up.
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      Can't connect to the server   07/24/17

      For those that are not able to connect to the server and are new to it. Please type to use VPN ( Virtual Private Network) like WTFAST. it will allow you to use different ip address. the server is located at france so make sure go connect to it

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      318 ~ 319 patch.   08/09/17

      318 ~ 319 patch.,This is a separate download package that you need to extract in your client directory, start the launcher and will automatically update in the game. Thank you. https://mega.nz/#!ycJizCjS!tWG_iROHRyjo6AFPF4_5P9rqg9LOiNTrWAFplmyqSHg  


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  1. Reset your skills at website and when u skill up ur skills again dont exceed 45 skill points for first class rest classes u can increase everything then when all done max up ur skills for first class
  2. its bugged not working at the moment
  3. Go to My Documents > Dragon Nest.Right click on 'Event_page.png' and choose properties.Tick 'Read-only' and apply. Have fun !
  4. Hello Welcome to the server
  5. Hello there
  6. Update your client from game launcher
  7. Check ur internet connection or check if the game launcher is updated
  8. its use is only for selling u need to pay attention at ur gold when u sell it it gives like 11k+ gold
  9. Bolt has 18k FD and it is 100% also keep evolving/recasting your gears and costumes you can check the guide here
  10. start with Cerberus Nest in 24-50 portal then move to Guardian Nest ----> Volcano Nest ------> Anu Arendel Ordeal Nest ------> Volcano Ordeal Nest once u 1 hit Volcano ordeal nest bosses next nest is Professor Kim Nest Remedial Class Normal and Hardcore
  11. Professor Kim Nest - Pkn Typhoon Kim Nest - Tkn
  12. Check this guide
  13. Check if u have put the password correctly while creating account make a new account and check the password correctly before u create
  14. @jess try inqui,crusader,artillery,elestra
  15. @luis27fc Hello ! yes silver Hunter is little buggy sorry for that u can try other classes