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      Please note: Our only address is: http: //index.dragonnest.me The only facebook is: https: //www.facebook.com/Dragonnestme/ (Other are false, please note)
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       The server is already up.
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      For those that are not able to connect to the server and are new to it. Please type to use VPN ( Virtual Private Network) like WTFAST. it will allow you to use different ip address. the server is located at france so make sure go connect to it

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      318 ~ 319 patch.   08/09/17

      318 ~ 319 patch.,This is a separate download package that you need to extract in your client directory, start the launcher and will automatically update in the game. Thank you. https://mega.nz/#!ycJizCjS!tWG_iROHRyjo6AFPF4_5P9rqg9LOiNTrWAFplmyqSHg  


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    Ohayo Gozaimasu ~ Well there are already one Game Guide made by Rage here : But i think for newbies players who is too lazy to scroll down for reading questions and answers from the others players, it will be better to make a step by step tutorial for getting started. (be careful, This post will contain many pictures) Then let's start (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) (Sorry if sometime my english get wrong.) Edit : Ok, Typo Confirmed, but on my screens, very sorry for that !!! o(_ _;o) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First You create your own character, need to level? Easy Peaky ~ Just write something on the chat and Boom leveling max ! Then let start from the start, change your classe for that, just talk to the merchant lady, scroll down and select your class. (note you will need to relog your character for getting your awakening skills if you choose a awakening class.) Then need to get your first stuff, open your inventory and you will this stone item calling "Hi, Baby ~", just open it and you will get your starter gear. Next : And then equipe your accessories, you recieve in your cash functionnal inventory, a book that can teleport you in saint heaven, so let's go ! Σ(*ノ´>ω<。`)ノ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you arrive, you will need to get your first gear, because what it given to you will not last long, your first gear will be the Red Dragon Set Legend, crafted by the Blacksmith. But for getting there, you need first to farming gold and Red Dragon Wrath. Well you are done with farming, or think it's ok for the moment, then return in Saint Heaven, sell the "gold bag" thing you get and go to the blacksmith for crafting your first gear ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You get your first gear, but it's not strong than the gifted gear.... (。•́︿•̀。). Well don't worry, there a way, but pay attention to this part, because you will use it A LOT. First you need to know game mechanic before. All the steps you will read below, need Superior/Premium Diamond/Alteum and Essence Life, Which can be get by farming nest or Burning Eggs ( Σ(゜ロ゜;) what the hell is that Tsu-Chan?! Ahah don't worry i will explain now) Ok, let's explain what Burning Egg is. It's a way to get random stuffs and material while you away (AFK for geek term ;o) but for it you will need DNP, for getting it, it's simple, somes nest drop DNP ticket or Magic Red which give you DNP coupon. Or just ask nicely a player to give you somes magic red (Well for me, i always welcome to give somes, if it's needed) Just go in the cash shop (F11) -> Functionnal -> Functionnal and buy the items below The first one is the Golden Eggs, buy as many you think you will need, the second one is the item that can auto open the golden egg, while you are away (it will disappear when you stop it) Simple right? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok Now the crucial Path (*〇□〇)……! Let's explain you this server Mechanic, First the items you will need for making your gears strong, all items can be get by Burning or Farming For using it just go to the Disassembler near each blacksmith Here some screen that can help you to understand how it will work on your gear Ok how this things work? It's Simple. For Recast, Go to the disassembler (explain in the screen ) and select option for the recast, There are 4 slot, put items in the same order i will tell you Your Gear - Material Gear - Material Gear - Material Gear (for material gear, just craft random red dragon legend shoes) and tada, your first Recast is done ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪ For Recast Costumes page items, it's work like the normal way for gear, but violet costumes instead that RDL Gear, you can buy weapon costume in the VIP section of the Cash shop or buy it on a npc (i explain it later) Information you need to know about Recast, each Recast will get down your chance to past the next recast (don't worry nothing will broke and be lost, you just lost money and the matierals when it fail) Recast one 90% - Recast 2 49 % - Recast 3 19% - Recast 4 13% - Recast 5 100% Yeah done with the Recast, let start with the Refining, it work in the same in the same way that Recast, but you need to select the second option in the disassembler. Like Recast you need to put in this order your item : Your Gear - Material Gear - Material Gear - Material Gear ( you can use RDL part for it, but it will cost you red dragon wrath, so just buy stuff at the blacksmith) For Refine you will have 60% of succes if you use only blue gears, but you can up a little the chance by used upper gears. And costumes can't be refine. And no need to explain you how upgrading works, it's a common knowledge if you played already DN before, every gears and costumes can be upgrade (for costume just follow what i will explain below) If you stuck for the upgrading, it's mean you need to recast it. Ok this part is done fiou.....(*・∀-)☆ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well this part i explain before, it's one mechanic you will do EVERY DAY so good luck for that :D, let's return for get better stats, because of course, gears will not be the only things that will give you stats ! First your, Starter title, if you already done somes nest, you can buy the VIP Title, you can find the npc near the fountain. Near this npc, there are the wandering traveling with, what i call a Peco Bird, it sell you all you need. Somes of items i will not explain it because it's easy to understand how you can get it. Go talk to him, and select the General Store --> Special Mount and the second page Next, Select the normal mount section and go in the last page And the last one ! You need to change npc, and go to the Merchant Lady (not that far) It's doooone ~ With that you can be prepare for Higher Nest ! ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ Hope this will be useful ! If i miss something, just tell me, i will find a way to make screen and explain it here.
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    Hello guys! What you will see below is a list containing all the information you need to know about all the nests in the Garden of Time and Space (Lv.24~50). Keep in mind that all of the nests listed below were run once using one character only, so some of the information may be subject to change. The only nests from the portal that aren’t listed are: Hot Sand Desert Dragon Nest, Black Dragon Nest (Hard Core), Creator Nest, Dark Banquet, Dragon Fellowship, Chaos fight Evil Spirits and Typhoon Kim Nest. They’re all still worth doing in their own way because of the different materials you can get from each one. For R5 weapons you will need to go to Black Dragon Nest (Hard Core) with a party of eight people so the weapon box drops, and so it doesn’t bug on the first stage. For Seal Hearts you must go to Dark Banquet. For Developer Tears of Blood you have to go to Creator Nest. Typhoon Kim Nest there costs fifty Universal Gems to enter. Dragon Fellowship and Chaos fight Evil spirits have their own unique materials you can go see for yourself. Anyway, I hope you guys find this guide useful, and don’t forget to share it with everyone else.
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    Well, first Welcome little newbie Like Blaze, say, most of what you need to know is in the link he posted. Rates? Is the rate the same or just slight above the Official DN? If it's Rate for exp, no need, you just to say hi when you create your character. For drop rate, it's more high than Official DN, but depend of what you need to farm. Universal gems? where and how to get it? Most of Nest dropping it Cash? Is earning cash hard? is there a donation system ingame to purchase cash? Dragon Nest drop items for getting coupon for DC or DNP p2w? Is the game pay to win or we can grind to be strong? You can try to p2w, but it will cost you a arm Developers tears? where to get it? how to get it? Creator Nest drop it, but you need to get geared first Players? Are there alot of players? Yeah, but the server is young so, maybe more in the futur items? why are their items with names like M10010110? Am i missing a patch? No, it's normal, somes are not translate Enchantments? safe level for the items to enchant before it breaks? Upgrading is 100% it's explain in the link given by Blaze Bugs and lags? Is server buggy or laggy? Server is young, so there will be bugs, if you find somes, just report it in the report section. For Lag, didn't detect any lag for the moment Cash Shop? We get cash.. so is the cash shop expensive as hell? Well DNP is easy the get so cash is not a problem, but most of you are gear, there are npc near the fountain of saint heaven who will sell you what you need. Hope this will help you, but for gearing you need to read the link that Blaze giving you
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    Anyway regarding refining... the max refines will be according to your recasting level. These are as follows: Initial red dragon - +15 max Epic - +20 max Legend - + 30 max artifact - +50 max super artifact - +80 sealed - +100 (i have only tried super artifact and its max is only up to +80)
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    Chaos fight drop: 25 root essence 25 root debris 10 magic essence 10 magic imprint the fact that it has a fixed drop, going with more members means it will be divided among the party. and it uses FTG about half or 1500 each run. So basically it has at most 2 runs per day as for dragon follower: drops 6 legend boxes(random part and random class) around 50 ugems, and essence of life(approx. 50 or more), a bit of gold
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    Recasting Costume/Equipment/Accesories This is the method on how to Obtain those "Divine equipment/Gold Grade Equipment" On the Disassemlber, There are two options. Just ignore the first option there it doesnt do anything: 1.~The "Point of Fashion Synthesis" 2.~and the "General Equipment refining" *The "Point of Fashion Systhesis" is the one that you needed when you want to recast an equipment The Best equipment to Recast is an Legendary Red Dragon Nest Equipment. Equipment Recasting or "Point of Fashion Synthesis" inside the game How does it work?: 1: Put the equipment that you want to recast into the first slot 2: put a trash, Same grade equipment to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th slot because it will be destroy and as a sacrifice to "RECAST" the first equipment 3:If its a success, you will see there that your LRDN( Legendary red Dragon Nest EQUIPMENT ) Will become an Ice Dragon Equipment and it does says like its a +2 Recast on the screen. Costume Recasting: Same goes as the Equipment recasting, its just the one you need to sacrifice for recasting the 1st costume is another 3 costume in the CC Tab If it fails, there will be nothing you will see. You do not have to worry because it will only fail. EQuipment on DNME server does Break. just fail. Chances of Recasting an Equipment: +1 ~ +2 = 95% +2 ~ +3 = 60%? +3 ~ +4 = 45% +4 ~ +5 = 13% +5 ~ +6 = 100% +6 ~ +7 = 100% The only reason why the +6 and +7 is perfect recasting is because the materials you will need is rare. *GENERAL EQUIPMENT REFINING(Costume,Equipment and Accesories)~ For this. you need to sacrifice 3 equipment or Costume again to enhance the first equipment OR costume. So basically for refining: Costume for costume , Equipment for equipment. The stat it gives is what we call Blue Upgrades. the same as Potential code before if you play the old client. But this time it applies on either Equipment or Costume. The maximum for the enhancement for this is up to +70. Initial red dragon - +15 max Epic - +20 max Legend - + 30 max artifact - +50 max super artifact - +80 sealed - +100 ---------------------------------------- Equipment enhancement on Blacksmith(Costume,Equipment and Accesories): Enhancement Rates on Blacksmith is always %100 The basic enhancement for an equipment is up to 40 (max recasted from disassembler) Use this as the basic when upgrading and enhancement of the Equipment on a BLACKSMITH: Equipment Enhancement : Recast +1 = Max of +15 Recast +2 = Max of +20 Recast +3 = Max of +25 Recast +4 = Max of +30 Recast +5 = Max of +35 Recast +6 = Max of +35 Recast +7 = Max of +40 Costume Enhancement : (The information i will provide on this is not accurate) Recast +1 = Max of +15 Recast +2 = Max of +20 Recast +3 = Max of +25 Recast +4 = Max of +30 Recast +5 = Max of +35 Recast +6 = Max of +35 Recast +7 = Max of +70 Remember that this is also applicable on accesories too. --------------- RECASTING ON CRAFT(Costume Only/Accessories only): Where and how? : Go to blacksmith>Craft>Recast 6 and Recast 7 You will see it on the Crafting menu on Blacksmith, with the golden gears. Now we have receive a lot of questions on how does this function do? a short explanation is, another stat that can power up your equipment on top of the +70 Enhancement and Disassembler refining The stat it gives is multiplyin the Basic agi,int,str,hp, Attack and magic power of yours. it's pretty strong if you maximize this Recasting of costume If you Recasted your Costume to Recast +7 on Disassembler, then here is where you should go to further increase the stat of your Costume or Accessories This is how it goes: Recast 7 = up to +60 Recasting on Recast on Blacksmith. Its better to test it out than reading here. well, its better to test and read here lol There are a lot of costumes that you can recast and enhance. but the best one to try and so far the one i have tried is Sprin suite and Assasin suit. You can get those on pania for a low price. ------------------------------------------------ Where to hunt equipment? A: so far the basic thing you need is a wrath. it's either you hunt it on nests OR gain DNP(Dragon coins), Buy Golden egg for 1DNP . But ofc you will receive more by Farming on nests. i will add more on this Guide after i figure out more. If you have more questions post here in our forum Website : http://index.dragonnest.me/forum/ if you can add more info. post here! We will add it here and credits goes to you! ~Will be updated in the future for more information about the game~ Credits by : Admin Rage ---- FAQ's by Players : Credits to Bolt The Seal Heart you get it in Dark Banguet. The Ice Dragon Wrath L Grade = 8 man IDN HC. The 100 thousand gold bag in the NPC Merchant Paina The Developer's blood is on Creator Nest. Credits to vashstaler
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    Welcome to the server Mac! Same here , just hoping for but not expecting the absence of a "toxic community/player(s)". However, what we do have & can control - is our own zombehBrains/mentality.. wkwkwkw Since our helpful fellow Tsu-chan already answered most of your queries, I'd just like to add few info / corrections on some parts. Also please dont take these wall of text as a personal sermon to you. It's for other players also who pass by and random-read introduction / posts. RATES *In general, and almost all parts / system of the server - super "high-rate". i.e high-rate Ragnarok servers, et.al. *Some, if not all, nest drop-rates are about the same, but depends on your priorities ( enhancement = you need enhancement characters, which drops more on specific nests / same with refining = some nest drops more refining symbols, then other loots ) *part of your role as an 'adventurer' in-game, is to figure out later which nests give you more on what crafting materials you need; *my personal take on this, in DNword = 4months of playing = 4.6m DMG / in DN.ME = 1 day of playing = 4.1m DMG ( crafting matts, golds, everything all in the nests that we can grind ) CASH *KISS, no CC system here; it's not necessarily needed. *Part of the staff's advocacy was: "everything in F11 (cash shop) is obtainable thru farming." ; as answered by Tsu-chan - yes, thru DNP ( which u get from eggs, or from Magical Bags that drop on lowbie nests ); *Donate ? Click the Weapon/Item Mall, and/or contact/mail rage, as well as Skype for personal/customized transactions. P2W *I wouldn't say an absolute YES, or a solid NO. *WIN = depends on how you define it. What is "winning" for you? You personally know what satisfies you <3 *Depends on what type of player you are, and how you carry your own mentality, and your character; *Players may keep on comparing , but at the end of the day - it's all about theirs and their own pace on the game. "Just go at your own pace, and be happy what a high-rate server gives/offers you" ; *Cash-players : can / might obtain quick shortcuts ( if you base on the item malls, etc ) ; and may give them the advantage of breezing through hard nests / late game nests. *Bitter Players Hate Beaters. ^-^ *As the sly fox has said, "If you have time, you can save moneh - by not donating and just binge-farming; but if you don't have much time, but have cash to spend to save time from grind runs, avoid the hassle of staying online / running nests over and over again - d o n a t e.." CREATOR NEST *equalized nest. One doesnt need a geared set of equipments, rather a geared set of brains,reflex,experience and teammates :v *even a freshly created toons, with ur teammates, can clear this nest after experiencing the 'deaths and moarrr deaths'-cycle on the last boss LAGS *depends on network, as well as server's health. If there are exploits , and such; experience 'server lag'. Other than that, it's manageable. *some classes might cause you visual/graphical lags, since some skills give out more graphic fx despite hiding the ptFx. ML/Elestra/DA.etc. BUGS *There are; most are already discussed , some doesnt have fix yet, rather just work arounds; some manageable enough to be left ignored, as long as it doesnt affect your gameplay / toon that hard. For specific concerns, since you mentioned you are already playing in the server, and is "liking it" - please go ahead and head out to different sections on the forum threads and share your discoveries. Apee Geyming!~
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    about the universal gem i'm going to investigate than. about the nest to start with, try cerberus nest. mostly 24-50 nests. it gives good drops
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    Original red dragon ---> epic red dragon ---> legend red dragon ---> holy vessels red dragon ---> super god red dragon ---> ice dragon About synthesis: The synthetic equipment will not be damaged, the location here. About strengthening Strengthen will not be damaged, 100% successful,
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    good day! i just want to share this to everyone who's experiencing alot of disconnection. (this is just based on my experience) the 1st time I experienced getting dced was really frustrating. im not new to private servers. and usually, the number 1 reason for dc was because server issue. everytime I got dced, i knew that i have to wait for awhile before i'll be able to login again. when this happens, i keep on checking the forum to see if anybody else is having the same problem. i have to admit that the term DDoS attack was became real to me because of this server. with this new information, i realized that it's not always in client's fault (if i'm correct). i came up with a way where i keep on launching the client until i get through. this step works for me until last night. i always got dced in the login screen so it's not new to me but last night, same thing happen to me but not once, twice or thrice but 15x!!! got frustated and i thought that, again, maybe because the server was down. then it hit me. what if it's not because of the server or ddos? i tried using another way to connect to net: LAN cable. yes, i'm using wifi connection every night. you know what? i got logged in with 1 launch ONLY! so my conclusion is, if you can't connect to the game: a. server down b. DDoS attack. either use vpn (which i don't know how to use) or keep on re-launching the game (like i always do ) c. wifi connection. try to turn off your wifi (not disconnect from your wifi) and then turn it on. i'm not sure if this will work to everyone who's having the same problem as i am but it won't hurt if you'll try this right? cheers!
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    Any suggestion what is the most used materials that we can bundle in? we will sell it for cheaper price and all in one in a package for enhancement, refining or recasting.
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    Hello Mac welcome to Dnme please check our guides thank you ! http://index.dragonnest.me/forum/index.php?/forum/10-game-guide-and-presentation/
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    I have a little question about the Saint, a friend of mine wanted to play the healer, but when we were in the dungeon yesterday, the heal was kinda off, is that normal ? Heal was nerfed? or it's just because he just started in the game. Sorry if it's a stupid question
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    Assassin awakening, will be updated later.
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    I have this problem right now, I really wnna play the game. Help pleas
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    Good day! After patch for level 95 came, almost all class encountered bugs in their skills. Now, I’ll enumerate each bug that I’ve encountered using my main character: Abyss Walker. a. Most of the description of each skills under Bringer and Abyss Walker are undefined properly (maybe possible indication that they are bugged). Here are some of the skills (almost all skills are like these): b. Night Explosion skill have low damage. Illusion Strike does more damage than it, despite its way of attack which is throwing number of blades . Its EX is not doing its job. It's not pulling the enemies and deals damage. c. Line of Darkness Awakening isn’t working right. You can only use its main skill, thought its not stacking so you can use it twice in a row. With Awakened (M:100116286), character supposed to go back to its starting point then re-launch again. After pressing special attack, nothing's happening. d. Pact of Ajna doesn’t teleport automatically on my side. And it’s not attacking automatically unless I re-summon it. e. Summon Shadow Awakened isn’t working either. I can’t absorb the shadows that I summoned which is what it should be doing. f. Dark Conviction and its Awakened can be spammable. Maybe it’s a good thing considering that there’s no CD but still, it’s bugged. For the Awakened, it's not working when Night Explosion is used. It's suppose to be placing a target specifically so that the orbs from Dark Conviction will target where Night Explosion is placed. g. Incarnation of the Dark's CD is the same as its buff duration: 60 secs. On the Light Fury side (c/o Wacky): a. Chakra Energy isn’t working well. Its healing feature is low. He suggested at least it can be leveled to level 5. b. Chakra Heal isn’t working. It’s not healing at all. So far, these are the skiIls I tested. Hope these bugs will be fixed so it will be enjoyed by those who love playing as Bringers. Thank you
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    Good day, Now that I'm done with Bringer's bugged skills, I'm going to discuss, this time, what skills that are bugged in Archer class specifically for Windwalker and Artillery. Now, I personally don't use this classes that much but I know someone who does so here it is. on Windwalker side: a. Eagle Dive - doing a different attack and damage is low b. Spirit Shot - no damage at all c. Spiral Edge - low damage output d. Kick Shot - after somersault, arrows don't do damage e. Swift Attack - not doing the exact animation. All it does is dashing forward. f. Eagle Dive Awakened - wrong awakening, skill description and skill animation. it should be Ride Current. on Artillery side: a. Siege Stance - not all arrows hit the following skills doesn't deal damage at all.... a. Swift Shot and Awakened b. Rapid Shot c. Tracking Arrow d. Fake Shot e. Cannonade and Awakened for Cyclone Harpoon, it doesn't pull any enemies to the center: just like in Windwalker, there's an awakened skill here that shouldn't be here: CYCLONE HARPOON (AWAKENED). it should be EXTENSION CORE (AWAKENED PASSIVE). Someone created a temporary solution for these classes in discord so that they can still use it, but it's not the same and fair as to other classes where they can use it with max skills. There are things that I'm not sure if they are bugged: 1. damage - i tried using a newly created character wearing only the free items given as a starter kit, mighty rubinart costume set (cash shop) and a +40 spirit. no wing, tail and decal and no IDN set was used so i'm not sure if the damage for each skills, that are working, are high or low. 2. buffs - so far, I've tested the buffs and they are all working. the problem is that if they really give those boosts correctly or not. 3. i read in discord that if they put a point in Class Master 3, some skills that are working will have no damage at all. I hope that admins will check this out too and help them in fixing these classes. Thank you PS: for those who have noticed some bugs that are not here, please feel free to add it here
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    Would it be possible to reupload the pictures?
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    There is a patch coming. We're a little busy on other things but our team already have the patch. its complicated if we explain things , please just be patient.
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    Hello Welcome to the server
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    thanks shinn.... but just now i log in my account still i cant go to portal!! :'(
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    i cant see pictures, it says " PLEASE UPDATE UR ACCOUNT TO ENABLE 3RD PARTY HOSTING"
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    as the title says portal is fixed. you can go nest now. thanks for waiting
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    Where can i get Skill Heraldry? dunno where to get it Thanks~
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    Thank you sir
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    thanks for a very nice guide and helpfull for all starters in this server just like me.