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      Please note   05/11/17

      Please note: Our only address is: http: //index.dragonnest.me The only facebook is: https: //www.facebook.com/Dragonnestme/ (Other are false, please note)
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      The server is already up.   05/29/17

       The server is already up.
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      Can't connect to the server   07/24/17

      For those that are not able to connect to the server and are new to it. Please type to use VPN ( Virtual Private Network) like WTFAST. it will allow you to use different ip address. the server is located at france so make sure go connect to it

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      318 ~ 319 patch.   08/09/17

      318 ~ 319 patch.,This is a separate download package that you need to extract in your client directory, start the launcher and will automatically update in the game. Thank you. https://mega.nz/#!ycJizCjS!tWG_iROHRyjo6AFPF4_5P9rqg9LOiNTrWAFplmyqSHg  

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  2. hi guys can anyone put the server information here?.. im new here by the way ^^
  3. Hi, i have the same problem. Any fix?
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  6. Please help I always got DC when doing dungeon or even afk. Please reply
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  9. hey guys. i think we should remove the item notifications oin the chat bar. I think it gets in the way of player interactions. Im sure itll be a way better game without it
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