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Recasting Costume/Equipment/Accesories
This is the method on how to Obtain those "Divine equipment/Gold Grade Equipment"

On the Disassemlber, There are two options. Just ignore the first option there it doesnt do anything:
1.~The "Point of Fashion Synthesis"
2.~and the "General Equipment refining"

*The "Point of Fashion Systhesis" is the one that you needed when you want to recast an equipment
The Best equipment to Recast is an Legendary Red Dragon Nest Equipment.

Equipment Recasting or "Point of Fashion Synthesis" inside the game~

How does it work?:
1: Put the equipment that you want to recast into the first slot
2: put a trash, Same grade equipment to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th slot because it will be destroy and as a sacrifice to "RECAST" the first equipment
3:If its a success, you will see there that your LRDN( Legendary red Dragon Nest EQUIPMENT ) Will become an Ice Dragon Equipment and it does says like its a +2 Recast on the screen.

Costume Recasting:

Same goes as the Equipment recasting, its just the one you need to sacrifice for recasting the 1st costume is another 3 costume in the CC Tab

If it fails, there will be nothing you will see.

You do not have to worry because it will only fail. EQuipment on DNME server does Break. just fail.

Chances of Recasting an Equipment:

+1 ~ +2 = 95%
+2 ~ +3 = 60%?
+3 ~ +4 = 45%
+4 ~ +5 = 13%
+5 ~ +6 = 100%
+6 ~ +7 = 100%

The only reason why the +6 and +7 is perfect recasting is because the materials you will need is rare.

*GENERAL EQUIPMENT REFINING(Costume,Equipment and Accesories)~

For this. you need to sacrifice 3 equipment or Costume again to enhance the first equipment OR costume.
So basically for refining: Costume for costume , Equipment for equipment.

The stat it gives is what we call Blue Upgrades. the same as Potential code before if you play the old client. But this time it applies on either Equipment or Costume. The maximum for the enhancement for this is up to +70.



Equipment enhancement on Blacksmith(Costume,Equipment and Accesories):
Enhancement Rates on Blacksmith is always %100

The basic enhancement for an equipment is up to 40 (max recasted from disassembler)
Use this as the basic when upgrading and enhancement of the Equipment on a BLACKSMITH:

Equipment Enhancement :

Recast +1 = Max of +15
Recast +2 = Max of +20
Recast +3 = Max of +25
Recast +4 = Max of +30
Recast +5 = Max of +35
Recast +6 = Max of +35
Recast +7 = Max of +40

Costume Enhancement :
(The information i will provide on this is not accurate)

Recast +1 = Max of +15
Recast +2 = Max of +20
Recast +3 = Max of +25
Recast +4 = Max of +30
Recast +5 = Max of +35
Recast +6 = Max of +35
Recast +7 = Max of +70

Remember that this is also applicable on accesories too.


RECASTING ON CRAFT(Costume Only/Accessories only):
Where and how? : Go to blacksmith>Craft>Recast 6 and Recast 7

You will see it on the Crafting menu on Blacksmith, with the golden gears.

Now we have receive a lot of questions on how does this function do?

a short explanation is, another stat that can power up your equipment on top of the +70 Enhancement and Disassembler refining
The stat it gives is multiplyin the Basic agi,int,str,hp, Attack and magic power of yours. it's pretty strong if you maximize this Recasting of costume

If you Recasted your Costume to Recast +7 on Disassembler, then here is where you should go to further increase the stat of your Costume or Accessories

This is how it goes:

Recast 7 = up to +60 Recasting on Recast on Blacksmith.
Its better to test it out than reading here. well, its better to test and read here lol

There are a lot of costumes that you can recast and enhance. but the best one to try and so far the one i have tried is Sprin suite and Assasin suit. You can get those on pania for a low price.


Where to hunt equipment?

A: so far the basic thing you need is a wrath. it's either you hunt it on nests OR gain DNP(Dragon coins), Buy Golden egg for 1DNP .
But ofc you will receive more by Farming on nests.

i will add more on this Guide after i figure out more.

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~Will be updated in the future for more information about the game~


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